Friday, September 18, 2009

Back ....

So I have returned from France and Italy after an "extended" stay and suffering from post-vacation high. Mostly I am discouraged about the state of our food here. Sure we have tons of it, whatever you want, whenever you want...but that is just the point, it's all mediocre at best. I have never eaten so much white bread, cured meats, full fat cheeses, at one point I ate pure shmaltz flavoured with fennel, who was I? Drinking wine more than water, I wasn't running, or biking..wait, I did a one day bike tour of Chianti but that doesn't count. All this to say I did not gain a pound, never felt healthier, had better skin and was happier than ever.

I am back in Ottawa now exploring new opportunities with this new found love of Tuscan food. I want to embrace it, I am afraid of losing it, so hopefully this will encourage me to keep it alive and inspire me.

Check back for a look back at my trip...once I figure out how to add pictures.


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